Multifunctional Mini Lawn Tractors, Excavators and Mowers

AllCat Europe Ltd. is the producer of the everlasting and multifunctional mini-loader allcat 180HB.   

The Mini Tractors are equipped for private or professional use, have four-wheel-drive and comply with European CE regulations. This machine is specially developed to turn an affordable and reliable machine on the market, especially around the house but also semi professional can be used. The AllCat 180 HB is perfect to use around the house, on the farm, around a business building or for various landscaping work. By a wide range of attachments is the AllCat 180 HB by some simple actions to build to a machine for a completely different purpose.

The attachments that meet the AllCat 180 HB can be matched include: mowing deck, shovel bucket, pallet fork-installation, ground cutter, poles drill, groove cutter, stumps cutter, muck fork, mast, snow scraper, salt spreader……. 

Allcat Europe Ltd. producer of the allcat 180HB AllCat Europe Ltd.

AllCat Europe Ltd. supply worldwide a new line of mini loaders and mowing machines.s AllCat Europe Ltd. is looking for new Dealers in several European countries. Are you interested? Contact us.

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